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A brief character guide for 'On Some Idle Tuesday'

The shows:

The West Wing:
Drama series set in the White House during the administration of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet. Follows the professional and personal lives of the President and his senior staff during two terms of office.
Starting point for the fic: 6.16 'Drought Conditions'

Criminal Minds:
Drama series following the work of team of profilers who work in the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU). They travel around the US profiling and catching criminals (oftentimes of the serial killer variety).
Starting point for the fic: 3.17 'In Heat'

Main characters:

Kate Harper - The West Wing:
Kate Harper is the Deputy National Security Advisor during the second half of President Bartlet's final term. She is a Naval Commander who was recruited, at some point, to work in the CIA. Little is known about her past other than that she has been married and divorced twice, much of her work has been classified, and she speaks Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

Emily Prentiss - Criminal Minds:
Emily Prentiss is a member of the BAU. Her mother (and, for the purposes of this fic, her father also) was an Ambassador. She travelled around a lot as a child and as a result speaks at least four languages with varying degrees of proficiency. She's a self-proclaimed nerd with a love of Vonnegut and a fairly awful dating history.

Other characters:

The West Wing:
CJ Cregg: White House Chief of Staff; former White House Press Secretary;

Josiah Bartlet: two-term President of the United States nearing the end of his second term

Matthew Santos: elected President over the course of the story

Criminal Minds:
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau: the BAU's Press Liaison; seen by some people within fandom as having enormous UST with Emily; as of episode 3.17, it is discovered that she has been in a relationship with Will LaMontagne, a detective from New Orleans introduced in a previous episode, for around a year but hadn't told anyone within the BAU, though it appears they had suspected

Penelope Garcia: FBI Technical Analyst; bright, bubbly, and source of most of the funny in Criminal Minds; dating another Kevin Lynch, another Technical Analyst

Aaron Hotchner: BAU team leader; recently divorced with one young son

David Rossi: one of the founders of the BAU who recently returned after early retirement

Derek Morgan: member of the BAU team; previously worked as a cop in Chicago and a member of the bomb squad; has a flirty relationship with Penelope Garcia

Spencer Reid: youngest member of the team (late twenties); genius - three PhDs, two BAs (and working on a third); has an eidetic memory


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