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Okay, it started off being so incredibly cute, and KV tweeted that she has a big part, so I'm blogging along.

Firstly, nothing you ever do or say, Criminal Minds dudes, will convince me Emily isn't the gayest gay that ever gayed. But cutest scene ever, or least since Brad the Real FBI Agent. I love that they hang out and we get to see it (okay, not all that often, but so much more than many other shows). And Garcia as Fairy Godmother! Hee!

Everyone looking super hot at the briefing. And JJ is pulling off Emily's signature move - big ass belt buckle to the side - very well. My Emily/JJ shipper heart is beating once more.

Oh, arrow as penis. Never gets old.

Sea plane! And Alaska looks so pretty! Also, the Alaskan sheriff is hot.

Wow, super low-key morgue. And why does the ME have yellow stuff on his lab coat? Also, Reid has some pretty snazzy purple gear on.

Okay, Josh is the bad guy, yes?

Doubling up is canon! Bring on the Emily/JJ please.

Noooooo, Garcia, don't go outside!!!! Or into the basement or wherever it is you're going.

Aw, Garcia.

Okay, if I shipped Morgan/Garcia, this scene would be all I needed. They're just so cute.

So not Josh then, else we wouldn't be being sent down that path at twenty minutes in. Although even if it's not him, he's creepy.

Garcia solving the case! So clearly it's someone to whom the town is very important. Sheriff, perhaps?

I really love Emily in her 'living in the wild' clothes. How is she so attractive?

Oh Carol the inn owner, I'm sorry.

Oh god, someone needs to use their words rather than just waiting for him to work it out.

So really not Josh, but he knows who.

Eugh, not a rabid bear then.

Argh, I hate it when the unsub is someone we haven't seen. Means you can never work it out.

Okay, house of Porter family? Fucking terrifying. Family also scary. Go Hotch though!

God, how creepy must it be having a psychopathic child?

Hunting party? So, so creepy. Those woods look well pretty though.

Hee, the Rossi/Morgan/Prentiss triad of awesome.

Hotch smiled! There was an actual smile! Dear god, the world must be coming to an end.

Reid looks like he's auditioning to be the next Doctor.

Aw, cutest ending ever!

In summary, I kind of love you too, Criminal Minds.
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