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My fellow [ profile] au_bigbang peeps - how goes the writing with you? I words! But I blame my [ profile] apocabigbang fic of dooooom for that.

Anyways, the first check in is on Tuesday and I was just wondering where everyone was/where everyone was hoping to be by Tuesday. Personally? If I've written anything more, I'll be quite happy. But having a plot would be nice...
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So, [ profile] mcgarrygirl78 and I have been discussing the idea of having a smallish support group for people doing the [ profile] au_bigbang. Obviously, there's the official support comm and that's great, but I know for me personally there are times when I'm not comfortable posting to a large comm if I'm having problems writing or just looking for some general prodding.

I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a weekly check-in - I know I'm going to need to be kept on track since my brain has apparently determined that I need to write something with an actual plot - and a network of people to ask for advice on stuff? Maybe even a mini support comm?

Any takers? Anyone on the f-list or anyone on the f-list's f-list (etc etc) who's doing/thinking of doing the [ profile] au_bigbang and who thinks they might want to get involved in something like this, drop a line here. And pimp this post out and we'll see what kind of interest we can get.


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